Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nexus One: They stop online selling of Nexus One, but availability in stores will be increase

They stop online selling of Nexus One, but availability in stores will be increase. Four months after the release of Nexus One market Google has decided to revise their distribution policy. Realized that their sales in the online stores do not go so well as they hoped, they are now abandon them and move on to more traditional channels of retail. Well there is no shame in admitting you made a mistake, as you will do your utmost to solve it. Google Vice President of Engineering Andy Rubin said that the company blog that if they liked it the first Web store, most customers still anxious to have a practical experience before returning the money. Therefore, the company based in Mountain View has decided to abandon the online sales and increase the availability of a Nexus in retail stores worldwide. Google is obviously very happy with the way things were in Europe, where this model was adopted a while ago and try to do the same thing in the world.
The lack of publicity (not like they lack the resources to do so) has raised questions about whether Google is really committed to the success of a market for Nexus. You know, no partners Android shake the boat could have been more important to the final. However, this approach shows that have not renounced the interfaces between a straight and not let one of smartphones equipped with the best we have been sinking without a trace.


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