Friday, April 30, 2010

The Ilocos Wine "BASI"

ilocos wine
The ILOCOS WINE "Basi" Wine made from Fermented Sugarcane.

History revealed that long before the Spaniards came to the Philippines, Filipinos were already great imbibers of native brews, among them was basi. Considered as the 'King of Native Wines', this particular wine is the pride of Ilocanos of Northern Luzon.

Basi is made from sugarcane that crushed in wooden mills. The juiced is cooked in vats and stored in earthen jars. Once the boiled juice has cooled, a flavoring made of ground glutinous rice and duhat (java plum) bark is added. The jars are then sealed with banana leaves, stored underground or in a cool, dry place and allowed to ferment for one to three years. No artificial flavoring nor coloring is added.

The pale red brew is valued as a restorative; as reliever of tired bodies from the day's work, and as an enlivener of conversations. It is often compared to chartreuse, the fruit liqueur from france.

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